Kim John Payne

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Kim John Payne speak at the Nelson Waldorf School in British Columbia. He has such an engaging, entertaining manner that made all of the attendees completely enjoy themselves. I’ve written a summary of his talk on my teaching blog.

His ideas about parenting make complete sense and I love how he related them to a view of child development that I am so familiar with. I haven’t read his books myself, but they have moved to the top of my long list of suggested reading.

Simplicity Parenting is a book that has been out for a little over a year and it has attracted a lot of attention. The basic premise is that parenting our children is easier and our children are better cared for when their lives are less full. We need to limit our children’s activities and choices so we have more time to connect as a family. As a busy Waldorf teacher and parent of three children, this concept really speaks to me.

His next book, which was the subject of the workshop I attended, is titled The Soul of Discipline and it will be released soon.


  1. kaedra says

    Thanks so much for this website. I hope that you’ll keep it up.

    “Fathering Right from the Start” is a book that I think would be a wonderful addition to your parenting books. It is not only great for fathers, but has many helpful and challenging things for mothers as well. I highly recommend looking it up!

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