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I’ve had a long break from this site, but I’ve recently decided to revive it with some fresh posts. I’m still getting lots of visitors everyday, and I have some great new ideas to share.

I’ve recently begun a Greek Mythology block, so the resources available for this block are fresh on my mind. There are some old classics, in addition to some new ones I’ve never used before.

Heroes, Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths is a book I have used in the past. I’m not sure that there isn’t a better version of the stories out there, but this one is serviceable and has served my needs pretty well.
D'Aulaire's Greek Myths

D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths is a resource not to be missed. I haven’t used it a lot this time around for story content (though I certainly did my first time teaching the block.) Instead, this time I’ve used this book for the drawings. Most of the drawings translate easily to the chalkboard or oil crayon with colored pencils. I couldn’t imagine teaching the block without it.

The last resource I have to share is completely new to me and I feel like I just discovered buried treasure!
Hercules bookHercules by Geraldine McCaughrean is part of her series of books on the Greek heroes, which also includes a book on Perseus and Theseus. These books are very descriptive, wonderfully-written young adult books that are manageable for the typical fifth grade reader.

I’m feeling a bit pressed to tell the stories of these three heroes in the two weeks I have left of the block, so in addition to telling the stories of some of Hercules’ labors, I plan to have them read some of them, too. I’m really enjoying reading them as I prepare and I feel completely prepared to tell the stories based on the versions that are in this book.

Of course, I’m just working on the Hercules book at the moment, so I can’t speak for all three, but they’re definitely on my list as I continue the block!


  1. Cathy says

    Thanks for reviving your blogs, Meredith. I’m sure you have been really busy with your move and settling in with a new class, but it’s great to see you back here again. I will look into the Hercules book at my local library – thanks for the tip!

    ps I was unable to leave a comment on your other blog, but just wanted to let you know that the Ernst Schuberth grade six maths book is available as a free download e-book at the Online Waldorf library.

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