The Cricket and The Shepherd Boy — A Review and Giveaway!

Waldorf author Reg Down has kindly passed a few of his books along to me to share with you all! I’m so happy to review and giveaway his books, as they are just so beautiful!

The first up is a sweet little holiday book titled The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy. This is the story of a young shepherd boy who is surprised to discover a little cricket on the ground in the middle of winter. This little cricket who the boy had met in the warm, sunny days of summer, brings special news to the young shepherd and together they go to the lowly stable where the Christ child was born.

This story brings the story of Jesus in such a gentle and simple way that it would make an appropriate introduction to the story of Jesus for families of all faiths. The shepherd boy and the cricket are endearing characters who bring just the right amount of light-hearted fun and inspired reverence.

The most stunning thing about this book, though, are the illustrations. Each page is filled with wondrous watercolor that

gently depict the story with great subtlety. Features on the figures are left simple and unformed and the color itself is allowed to fill the page with beauty. Coming from my class teacher perspective, I found myself wanting to pull out my paints and try my hand at a few of the pictures.

I’m so happy to pass this beautiful book along to one of my readers. I could imagine this book making a truly special annual family read, becoming part of a lovely little holiday tradition.

If you would like a chance at winning this book, leave a comment below describing one of your favorite holiday traditions. I’ll choose a winner in one week — on November 30.

Contest over. Winner chosen. Thanks for reading!


  1. We love the holidays! One of our favorite holiday traditions is baking cookies for Santa and chopping carrots for his reindeer. We leave these out, carefully placed by little hands, on a plate with a glass of egg nog. The wonder and excitement felt by all are such a joy. When the little ones have gone to bed, my dear husband and I stay up late wrapping gifts together. It is such a bonding and sweet time for us. This will be the first holiday season that we will share the story of Jesus’ birth with our children. I am really looking forward to the feeling of reverence that this will bring this holiday. Thank you for introducing us to The Cricket and the Shepard Boy and for the great giveaway.

  2. domestic diva says:

    We always shop for food to donate to the local food bank as we’re shopping for food to prepare our own holiday meal.

  3. Every Sunday in Advent, my mother would light the candles on our wreath, and read us a chapter from Karl Heinrich Waggerl’s delightful little book, “Und es begab sich: Inwendige Geschichten um das Kind von Bethlehem”. When I was in college, and away from home, I bought a copy of the book for myself… which I now read to my own children by the gentle glow of the Advent candles. One of our favorite chapters is the one which explains why the Christ Child smiled.

  4. We are still working on building our young family traditions, but the one that I remember best from when I was a child was going to Midnight Mass at a beautiful old country church and the feeling of sacredness as a child holding a lit candle in the church which was filled with candlelight and the singing of carols.

  5. Reg Down is one of my favorite authors, we are reading Tiptoes Lightly each evening before bed with my three little ones. It is a treat to read your review and to have the chance to win such a lovely book! Our favorite traditions… Gathering greenery to create wreaths, adorning oranges with cloves, making window stars, dipping beeswax candles, lighting the advent spiral… it is difficult to choose just one in this beautiful season but if I had to it would be the celebration of Saint Nicholas Day ,leaving our wooden shoes out alongside a bit of hay and carrots and waking to shoes filled with chocolate coins, pomegranates, clementines and a few handmade toys.

  6. I am grateful to read other wonderful ideas to add to our holiday tradition, and to have found this blog– we are starting from scratch, really, in my family, as neither my husband or I grew up with strong traditions surrounding Christmas. Our oldest child is three, and if you asked her, she would say Chistmas is about making gingerbread cookies to leave for Santa with a glass of milk, and the wonderful joy of having a lovely-smelling tree bringing green into our house in the darkest winter months.

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